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Hotel Mirano


Park Hotel Villa Giustinian is situated in Mirano, a nice little town near Venice, just in the centre of a grest system of land division, the “Graticolato Romano”. Historically, Mirano was first under the dominion of Padua, passing then under that of Venice: as a result, in the neighbourhood of Mirano our guests can admire a great number of historical buildings, mainly the Venetian Villas, such as Villa Tiepolo, Villa XXV April with its large park, Villa Van Axel, Villa Cabrini and many other. Therefore, the origins of Mirano and its neighbouring areas represent a tourist itinerary, which is really extraordinary for many points of view that alow at the guests to discover and appreciate the history, the art and the countryside of the Riviera, simply using bicycles made available by the Hotel to follow the tourist cycling routes marked by numerous sings.

Bisides that, Mirano offer many other pastimes facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, a bowling, discothèques and its famous golf course, the “golf club Ca’ della Nave” in Villa Grimani Morosini, situated in Martellago just 4 km away from Mirano.

To have a pleasant refreshment, nearby there are some very picturesque restaurants where our guests can taste typical Venetian dishes.






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Park hotel with pool locate a Mirano near Venice !!


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